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SIP configuration questions for a UC520

There are mainly three questions: regarding G.729 codec, regarding t38 fax calls and a CCA issue “Loading Voice Related  Data…”

Q1. Codec G.729

Trying to activate G.729 we found two different ways but we are not sure if they are equivalent or what is the difference between them.

One way is to set the preference of g729r8 within the voice class codec.

Another way is activating g729 annexb-all via voice service voip.   

The seconds way seems to activate g729 for the whole system meanwhile the first one does it for the specific voice class codec (Is this right?), but

What is the difference between g729r8 and g729 annexb-all?

Q2. Fax T.38

Activation was done like this:

UC520(config)#voice service voip

UC520(conf-voi-serv)#fax protocol t38

We have activated fax t.38 but sending out a fax, when the receiver gateway re-INVITE with T.38 cisco uc520 replied “488 Not Acceptable Media” and the fax was sent using G.711.

What else is missing?

Q3. CCA Issue

We have an issue using CCA: when we try to access any Voice related feature or AA, we get a window “Loading Voice Related  Data…”, but the process never ends. We have to close the CCA session.

We tried rebooting UC520 but the behavior is the same afterward.

We attempted to reset the system to factory default but when we are not able to put offline the Service-Module Integrated-Service-Engine 0/0: when opening the session we are asked for user/password credentials and the prompt comes back shows INIT(  instead of se-10-1-10-1# . If we try to issue the offline command, we receive a message stating that module should be on-line before placing it to offline.

What would be the step to follow to have the CCA full functioning?

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