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SIP incoming calls to CTI port extension no-audio

Hi, I have the following scenario:

CUCM  ---SIP-----CUBE----SIP----ITSP

CUCM cluster has two servers and (subscriber), we have a CTI application running on, we  got a bunch of SIP DIDs from ITSP and those SIP DID numbers are mapped  to CUCM internal DNs on CUBE through translation, inbound SIP calls to  mapped SCCP phones work fine, media stream of internal call leg is  established directly between SCCP phone and CUBE as expected. However,  when inbound SIP calls to the number which maps to CTI extention, there  is no audio, debug on CUBE shows that the media stream of internal call  leg is between one of the CUCM server ( and CUBE. I want to understand why CUCM is  telling CUBE to use the IP address which is NOT CTI port is registered  from (in this case why would CUCM treat a CTI extention  differently from a regular SCCP phone extension. For regular inbound  call to SCCP phones codec between CUCM-CUBE and between CUBE-ITSP are  both g11ulaw. I think maybe CUCM thinks that there is a mismatch between CTI end point and CUBE during media negotiation, so it inserts a MTP, but I am not sure, any suggestions where I should start troubleshooting?


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