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SIP Multi registration Issue

Hi Guys

       My scenario is to have a Single Cisco CUBE registered with 3 different providers. The purpose of three registration is to make some cheap calls and toll bypass. I can register with all three service provider using three Credential command user the SIP-UA config and three registrar server specified. The problem i have is when i make outbound calls. The initial invite from my CUBE to service provider doesnt include the username and password. When service provider receive my Initial Invite message for a call, it respond my CUBE with a 407 message " Proxy Authentication Required" Cisco CUBE looks for Realm field in this message and respond with the configured Authentication username and password with matching Realm field.


The problem i have is that all three service providers in my case have Realm field set to "Realm". In Cisco CUBE i can have only one Athenticate username and password with Realm as "Realm". If i try to enter a second pair it updates the config.


 Now i have two solutions. Get service providers to set Realm field to something SP1 and SP2. in that case i will configure authenticate username and password with Realm set to SP1 and SP2. The service providers are reluctant to do that.

   The second option i have is to send username and password in the initial invite message so that i dont receive and 407 message at all. Can someone tell me how to add username and password in the initial invite message of every call we make from Cisco CUBE to service provider.


Thanks in advance .

Cisco Employee

Hi Amit,The process of

Hi Amit,

The process of sending an Invite, receiving 407/401, and sending Invite again with credentials is the way this system was designed. Unfortunately, on the CME, there isn't a way that you can add the credentials to the initial Invite going to the provider side.

So you will need to go for option 1, which is to ask the providers to change the realm on their side so you can differentiate the sip providers on your CUBE.



Hi Amit,OR you can try by

Hi Amit,

OR you can try by using authentication per dial-peer level , but for that you need to create three different outbound dial-peers and carefully plan its dial-plans.




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