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SIP (Nymgo) configuration - cucm 6.1.3

Dear friends,

first of all forgive me if my discussion heading sounds incorrect ...

i am having cucm 6.1.3 .. which is running very fine with ISDN circuits ... and infact loads of them ... but this all boil downs to cost and cost for mi to make international call is huge .. so now i am looking at the options to configure CUBE for the SIP trunking i read that this can have SIP settings to the services providers and then i can route my calls like this.. but i dont have any idea how to do this..

like  1. things i need .. pre-requisite

     2. Configuration

     3. My preferred service provider is Nymgo .. becoz of pricing .. if some1 wants to suggest some better provider

     4. one problem is my service provider is having username and password stuff.... so dont know where to configure this in CUBe, i checked one configuration of cube but that was without usename and password

guys can you please guide me how to move towards this .. i know there is loads of books and guides available but as of now i am looking for the configuration. Please dont mind. i know the concept bit

thanks for reading and time...



SIP (Nymgo) configuration - cucm 6.1.3


Here is link for

CUCM (V6) ----- CUBE ---- VERIZON SIP Provider

I can not see a doc for your specific SIP provide Nymgo

The interoperability site is on this link

May be you need to search yourself



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SIP (Nymgo) configuration - cucm 6.1.3

thanks for the reply... i am not very keep in finding the exact configuration ..

can you please send me some info to use verizon service ...i went to their web site looks like they offer in US only not in my country . m in mauritius. do you have any link for verizon or other providers .. where i can contact and start talks with them about the service

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