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SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)

Hello all,

As mentioned above i have a requirement to connect our current OCS infrastructure to our local PBX (Nortel BCM50).

Now the BCM50 doesn't have v3 of the firmware which would allow it to establish a direct sip trunk to the OCS server and it only has H.323 capabilities (and i believe they are restricted).

At the moment im only trying to establish the h.323 part with the BCM50 which is having a few problems ...

I have a dialplan in the BCM50 and my phone extension is 251 ... so when i try to start a connection to my extension from the router i get the following disconnect ...

csim start 251

csim: called number = 251, loop count = 1 ping count = 0

*Jun 10 09:13:03.579: h323chan_chn_process_read_socket: fd=2 of type CONNECTED has data

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: h323chan_chn_process_read_socket: fd=2 of type CONNECTED has data

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: h323chan_chn_process_read_socket: h323chan accepted/connected fd=2

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_gw_process_read_socket: owner_data=0x65052B44, len=50, msgPtr=0x64F5657C

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_gw_process_read_socket: Received msg for H.225

Hex representation of the SETUP TPKT received: 080280075A080280AF7E0026052580060008914A000411181100BC86903054D511DE800FD86FBE38ED6B0100014010800100

Q931 Message IE Decodes

Protocol Discriminator : 0x08

CRV Length : 2

CRV Value : 0x8007

Message Type : 0x5A: RELEASE_COMP

Cause: Length Of IE=2

Data 80AF

User-User: Length Of IE=38

Data 052580060008914A000411181100BC86903054D511DE800FD86FBE38ED6B0100014010800100h225ParseData: Q.931 RELEASE COMPLETE received on fd=2

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_h225_receiver: Received msg of type RELEASEIND_CHOSEN

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //7/BC869030800E/H323/release_ind: Disconnect cause 47 location code 0

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/h323_set_release_source_for_peer: ownCallId[7], src[4]

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //7/BC869030800E/H323/cch323_h225_receiver: RELEASEIND_CHOSEN: src address =; dest address =

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //7/BC869030800E/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_RELEASE_IND while at state H225_REQ_FS_SETUP

*Jun 10 09:13:03.583: //7/BC869030800E/H323/cch323_traverse_enum_contact_list: State = 2

*Jun 10 09:13:03.587: //7/BC869030800E/H323/cch323_do_call_disconnect: gw_id=1, discCause=47

*Jun 10 09:13:03.587: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_iev_queue_service: Dispatch 0x9 internal event to H225 SM

*Jun 10 09:13:03.587: //7/BC869030800E/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_RELEASE while at state H225_REQ_FS_SETUP

*Jun 10 09:13:03.587: //7/BC869030800E/H323/cch323_h225_send_release: Cause = 47; Location = 0

*Jun 10 09:13:03.587: //7/BC869030800E/H323/cch323_h225_send_release: h225TerminateRequest: src address = -1062731516; dest address =

*Jun 10 09:13:03.587: compose_TunnelledSignallingMessage_ciscoNo tunnelled content.

Now the h.323 setup should be really straight forward as there is no catch (all numbers to the voip dialpeer ...)

Can you give some help please ? Or point me to documents which will allow me to configure the things properly (i think the PBX may have some configuration missing)

Thanks in advance ...

Nuno Ferreira


Re: SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)

Please don't use csim start for voip calls. This is a legacy command intended for pots interfaces.


Re: SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)

Can you expand on this warning? Are you aware of bad things that can happen using csim for a voip call test?

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Re: SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)

I have a lot of experience with BCM50 and Nortel (at least on this product) really doesn't do H323 or SIP like anyone else. They don't follow standards or allow much configuration. As you mentioned though, your best chance would be with the latest software R3 and latest patches and you should be able to get SIP to work.

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Re: SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)

Well thats good because I dont really know much about the PBX.

I did see the logs on the PBX and saw that it was receiving the H.323 call and blocking it ... the message was something like:

call blocked: maximum number of calls

But all the H.323 setup was received and processed perfectly.

I do believe that warning may be due to lack of licensing for VoIP trunks (meaning that i may need to put some keys or whatever they call it in Nortel - as when i go to the keycodes i can see the VoIP Trunks with a 0)

I would love to be able to upgrade it to R3 as i know it supports direct SIP trunks but the problem is that i think the pbx here is version 1 which means that the hardware itself is different from version 2 and 3 ... which again means that the upgrade is not as easy as that.

My cisco router also has a E1 card and my idea was to use it as a SIP gateway (from the OCS side) and then use Q.931 to the Nortel side but i don't have PRI ports available on the PBX so i have to go for the IP 2 IP gateway.

I dont have access to the Nortel site to download upgrades or keycodes ....

Anyway this is a cisco forum and i understand that is not the exact place to discuss Nortel issues and i do know now that the problem lies within the Nortel PBX


Nuno Ferreira

Re: SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)

Hi Nuno,

The csim start command predates IPIPGW and a good portion of voip calls. It wasn't originally designed to originate a voip call, and I haven't had much success with it. From my testing, it doesn't look like it will accurately originate a voip call. You can get it to do pots calls with a higher success rate, however.

It's not worth looking at debugs of a call originated from csim start. Too many other things could be going on.


Re: SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)

I can try to get you a "try before you buy" 60 day keycode for h323 trunks, I'll need the system ID of your BCM50 and your email address.

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Re: SIP (OCS) - 2801 (IP-to-IP GW) - Nortel BCM50 (H.323)


Thanks for that. We are currently trying to make the seller upgrade the PBX or give us proper keykodes.

Though i will send you an email today for those keycodes as even if the seller decides to upgrade ... i can still go on and try it today :)

Thanks again

Nuno Ferreira

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