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sip phone call between 2 sites


i have 2 sites.Between two sites i am using xlite sip phones . I am trying to call the sip phone in site 1 from site2 sip phone. Both phones will ring fine, if i pick the call the call will get disconnects, calls from sip phone to sccp phone within the same site and between different sites will go good .when i check the call statistics in the same site when call is established between the sip phone and sccp phone they use g711 codec, and call between site 1 sip phone to site 2 sccp phone uses g729 codec and the coll goes through( i was wondering how it was possible). but between 2 site sip phones call cannot be established. In site 2 sip phone when i try to call remote sip phone i get an error " call failed: no implemented." any suggestions would be welcomed

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Re: sip phone call between 2 sites

Hi Venikata,

Check CUCM configuration region for your SIP third party phones (Xlite), make sure they talk to all other phones via G711, since by default XLite doesnt have integrated G729 codec.

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Re: sip phone call between 2 sites

hi gogasca

Thanks for the reply. how can i do it for call manager express

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