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sip phone dialing delay

we have a Cisco CME version 10. when we dial a number from our sip 7821 phones or phone off our ATA187's there is a delay before it does anything. this is for internal and external calling. this is not and issue with out SCCP phones.

This is what they do: they pickup the handset dial "9number", its then about 10 seconds before any thing happens. is there any setting/config that can cut that down?

here is the voice register global:

voice register global
 mode  cme
 source-address port 5060
 max-dn 15
 max-pool 15
 load ATA ATA187.9-2-3-1
 load 7821 sip78xx.10-1-1SR1-4.loads
 authenticate register
 authenticate realm all
 timezone 8
 tftp-path flash:
 create profile sync 0072419841051513
 ntp-server mode directedbroadcast

here is one of the sip phones

voice register dn  1
 number xxxx
 name "name"
 label name" xxxx


voice register pool  1
 busy-trigger-per-button 1
 id mac xxxx.xxxx.xxxx
 type 7821
 number 1 dn 1
 cor incoming user-local default
 no digit collect kpml
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 voice-class codec 1
 username yyyy password yyyyyy
 no vad

here is the voice class codec

voice class codec 1
 codec preference 1 g711ulaw
 codec preference 2 g729r8



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*UPDATE*i was given some


i was given some incorrect info

first there is no delays with the phones on the ATA's. the delays are all with the 7821's



you need to collect debugwhen

you need to collect debug

when making phone calls with delay and without delay

debug ccsip messag

sh logg


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it looks like i have

it looks like i have corrected the issue. by adding in "digit collect kpml" has fixed the issue. now its near instance when dialing a SCCP phone and in stead of 10 seconds delay fro external its down to 4 which is the same for the SCCP phones.

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