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sip server through site to site VPN

Dear all,,

I have a site to site vpn .. in my site i have UC 500 and in the other site i have ASTRERSIK and have a SIP server , I want to rigester to this server and can call th phone they have.

below the config and some debug

when i run DEBUG CCSIP ERRORS i have atrange erro (Jun 17 12:37:09.163: //96/000000000000/SIP/Error/ccsip_api_register_result_ind: Message Code Class 4xx Method Code 100 received for REGISTER)

any body understand this error.. and do i need a translation rule?

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Re: sip server through site to site VPN

you need to turn on sip registration :

voice service voip


registrar server expires max 600 min 60

Try this and see if you error goes away!

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Re: sip server through site to site VPN

Thank u man the errors goes away ..

any way i was doing somthing stupied by trying to dial from my 7940 phone without change it to sip ..i have tried alot of cisco guides to convert 7940 to sip but nothing worked out may be its the UC500.. attached is my running config ..

in my phone when i check status from Network configuration i have VERSION 8.0(5.0)

i follow this link

and do every step to change SCCP to SIP

but nothing work out... i dont know if i need to downgrade from SCCP 8.x to 5.x then upgrade to sip 4.x ... and is the firmware in call manager same as call manager express or uc500

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Re: sip server through site to site VPN

attached the SHOW telephony service ..u can see load 7960-7940 P00305000500

but my phone have in firmware version

Appload ID : P0030800050

bootlood ID: PC0303010200

Version 8.0(5.0)

and all my tries to change to SIP was done while the phone is connected to the uc500

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