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SIP SRST transfer issue using ALIAS command

Dear Networkers,

We have a CUCM v10 cluster installed. We're using Cisco 7821 and Cisco 7841 IP Phones. we're using autoregistration, and every user is loggin in using extension Mobility.

Auto registration DNs : 95XXX

Device Profiles DNs : 2XXX

We have a SRST Gateway in a remote site (Cisco 2911)


What I would like to have is that when some user logs out from EM (2411 for exemple) so the phone gets back his old extension in 95XXX, and in SRST mode, his incoming calls should be redirected to the Lobby phone DN 95077

I am using to "alias 1 2411 to 95077" command under the Voice register Pool tag (tag is 1 in my case). The issue is that when I call the number 2411 from another extension, all i get is busy tone instead of redirecting the call to 95077.


Can you please advice ?

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