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SIP to CUCM to MGCP gateway, FXS stuck on slow busy

I am a voice novice, so please bear with me while I ask this question:

We have a couple of branches that are experiencing a new problem, we have other branches working and these two have worked prior to the last couple of days.

These branches have an MGCP voice gateway with four FXS ports. The branches communicate to the main office through the MGCP gateway, fo internal and external calling.

The branches have two DIDs each, one for a money order machine and the other for FAX, on the same four port module (per branch).

The FXS with a FAX (with a FAX machine attached) when dialed inbound, is returning a slow busy. I do not see the FXS port go off hook when the number is dialed.dialed.

The money order machine is working fine inbound and outbound and the FAX machine is working outbound.

We can see the calls getting to our CUBE router.

The branch MGCP voice gateway is registered in Call Manager and all internal/External user calls are working with no problem.

We have tried to reset the ports interfaces and reloaded the MGCP gateways with no luck. I performed a test of the FAX FXS port and it went off hook:

test voice port 0 1 0 detector ring-trip on
test voice port 0 1 0 detector ring-trip off

It is as if call manager thinks the port is off hook and we cannot get it out of that mode, but we have reset everything that can be reset.

Anyone have some insight as to how to look for the problem, not only to fix it, but to learn some voice troubleshooting techniques?

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