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SIP Training

Hello all, It has become obvious that I need to learn more about SIP and how to configure/troubleshoot SIP trunks in a Cisco environment. Can you all suggest some resources that I can use. Are there any good classes out there?

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SIP Training

I'm not aware of any class (but probably there are some as the topic is not that uncommon). On CiscoLive I once attended a SIP-Techtorial which was great. (If you have the possibility to attend).

And CiscoPress has a book on that topic:

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SIP Training

I've got that book. Not overly impressed with it. A large amount of it is high-level (project) management stuff. The technical bits in the middle are more about CUBE.

There didn't seem to be much detail about basic, low-level SIP messaging (e.g. call setup, disconnect, transfer/diverts, media setup, codec selection, authentication, etc). I've managed to pick up some information just by reading Wireshark traces from calls made in a controlled environment. I still haven't managed to fully understand mid-call DTMF SIP messages. CUCM seems to do weird stuff there....

The problem with SIP, I found, is that it's too variable. I remember looking into some of the RFCs and realised that there are often two or three different RFCs for the same feature.

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