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sip trunk call disconnects every 15 mins

Dear All,

I have a cluster of three 7.1.3 CUCM. I have created a SIP trunk to service provider. I am able to make and receive calls. The issue I am facing is that the call gets disconnected every 15 mins.After seeing the capture I see that after 15 mins CUCM doesnot respond to the update messages and after 10th unsucessful message the Service provider sends BYE message and the call disconnects. I am not sure why is our CUCM not responding to UPDATE messages from Service Provider SIP server.

Please help on this.




Re: sip trunk call disconnects every 15 mins

Hi Vinay,

Take a look at:

5.1 Sending an UPDATE

   The UPDATE request is constructed as would any other request within
   an existing dialog, as described in Section 12.2.1 of RFC 3261.  It
   MAY be sent for both early and confirmed dialogs, and MAY be sent by
   either caller or callee.  Although UPDATE can be used on confirmed
   dialogs, it is RECOMMENDED that a re-INVITE be used instead.  This is
   because an UPDATE needs to be answered immediately, ruling out the
   possibility of user approval.  Such approval will frequently be
   needed, and is possible with a re-INVITE.

RE-INVITE is recommended,

In our documentation we state:

Support for 3311 UPDATE method.

1. I understand CUCM is connected directly to Provider, please confirm,

2. We can try to change the refresh interval in Service Parameters to defaultvalue 1800 (30 minutes) we use half = 15 min to maximum and test.

3. You can also talk to your provider to change to Re-INVITE, but definetly parameter may need to be changed?


New Member

Re: sip trunk call disconnects every 15 mins

The reason could be  the SIP refresh timer was not being received

Try using the following command on the gateway

request INVITE sip-header Allow-Header modify ", UPDATE" ""
request REINVITE sip-header Allow-Header modify ", UPDATE" ""
response 180 sip-header Allow-Header modify ", UPDATE" ""
response 200 sip-header Allow-Header modify ", UPDATE" ""

Please let me know the results


>>Vivek Kalra

New Member

Re: sip trunk call disconnects every 15 mins


Where was the capture taken from (CUCM or provider-side)?

Did you rule out a firewall or App Layer gw inspection issue?

If not, please exclude SIP inspection on PIX/ASA/L7FW devices existing between CUCM and provider.

New Member

Re: sip trunk call disconnects every 15 mins

We had the same problem here exactly. We tore our hair out for days trying to figure this out. We resolved this issue by updating the IOS on our Router. We went to version > Release: 12.4.20T2 ( ED - Early Deployment ).

Hope this helps.


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