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Sip trunk to 3rd party system

We are currently running Call Manager 4.1.  I am requested to create a route from Call Manager to the 3rd party propriety system via  Sip trunk.  The 3rd party system admin said that we cannot send an internal IP.  It has to be a public IP. 


Currently our site is running MGCP.  How can i send this traffic via a sip trunk to the proprietry system.  I have some ideas.  Such as creating a 2nd gateway but making it an H323 gateway and then create a SIP dial peer with the 3rd party's public IP in the SIP dial Peer.  Is this possible or do i need to tear down my MGCP gateway and make it into a H323 Gateway.  Then add the dial peer? 


Please advice on my solution or if their is a better/ easy way to do this?



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What kind of router?

What kind of router?

What version of IOS?

I have an MGCP Gateway in my lab. I can set it up like a CUBE and see if MGCP to TDM and SIP to SIP works fine on the same router. I am fairly sure it will work fine, but it is better to test in the lab first.

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