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SIP Trunk

I am trying to configure SIP trunk between Cisco Unified Communication Server and 1861 router with SRST.

When I try to initiate a call through this trunk, I hear only beeps and call does not succeed. However, in debug voice dialpeer all I can see something going on, dont know exactly what it means, but I suppose SIP trunk does not go up.

Take a look at my SIP config on the router and let me know please what I am missing:

voice service voip

allow-connections sip to sip

no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily

supplementary-service ringback h225-info

fax protocol cisco


call start slow


no call service stop


dial-peer voice 3 voip

destination-pattern ....

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

codec g711alaw

no vad

Thank you in advance


Re: SIP Trunk

debug ccsip messages may be more informative of your problem.


New Member

Re: SIP Trunk

Thank you.

Config is ok?

Re: SIP Trunk

looks like it could work. context is more important than configuration.


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Re: SIP Trunk

Thank you Nick! I managed to call to remote peer through SIP trunk, but I soon as I pick up the phone I hear beeps and get this debug messages:

Sep 4 09:54:32.179: //17/C76106C4803A/SIP/Error/sipSPIAddCiscoGcid: Fatal Error

in parsing CCB/Msg

SIP: Attribute mid, level 1 instance 1 not found.

Sep 4 09:54:33.403: //18/C76106C4803A/SIP/Error/sipSPIDoAudioNegotiation: Media

negotiation failed for m-line 1

Sep 4 09:54:33.403: //18/C76106C4803A/SIP/Error/sipSPIDoMediaNegotiation:

no valid fax or audio streams

Sep 4 09:54:33.403: //18/C76106C4803A/SIP/Error/ccsip_api_call_cut_progress: Me

diaNegotiation Failure - Send Cancel

Sep 4 09:54:33.403: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Error/sipSPIGetContentQSIG: No Inboun

d Container Created !!!

Sep 4 09:54:33.403: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Error/sipSPIGetContentQ931: No Inboun

d Container Created !!!

Sep 4 09:54:33.419: //17/C76106C4803A/SIP/Error/act_sentalert_disconnect: Disco

nnect cause from ccapi :65 and sip_disc_cause: 501

Was unable to find any solutions on the net.

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Re: SIP Trunk

Also, from show call history voice I get this message


DisconnectText=bearer capability not implemented (65)

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Re: SIP Trunk

Issue is solved, it was a codec mismatch, thank you!

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