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sip-ua and multiple registrations with itsp

Hi All

I've successfully registered cme with my itsp using authentication command under sip-ua. However I'd like to register some additional accounts with the same itsp.

I'm using the credentials command under sip-ua and the accounts are registering succcessfully which I can see with a show sip register status. Also incoming calls are working as planned. However for some reason only the extension that matches the username in the authentication command is able to make outgoing calls. All other extentions get 403 error. However if I remove all the credentials entries and only leave the original authentication command then all extentions can make outgoing calls.

Here is a snippet of my config


credentials username 1301 password **** realm asterisk

credentials username 1302 password **** realm asterisk

credentials username 1303 password **** realm asterisk

authentication username 1304 password ****

ephone-dn 1 dual-line

number 1301

blah, blah

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Re: sip-ua and multiple registrations with itsp

Hi Anthony,

You have just met another limit of the (poor) way SIP-UA is coded in IOS. You cannot have multiple authentication entries, plus when there is a credential entry, it will insist on applying that even for outgoing calls.

No surprise "credentials" was an hidden command until few releases ago, it must have been by shame.

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Re: sip-ua and multiple registrations with itsp

are you saying there is no solution to this issue?

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