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SIP-UA Registration to CUCM

Hello, All!

I'm working on a scenario in my lab and would like to know if it's possible to register a voice-enabled ISR as a SIP endpoint in CUCM. Rather than register the ISR as a trunk, I'd like to use SIP-UA to register a particular extension. Basically CUCM would be acting as the ITSP.

Inbound Call Path

PSTN --> Core ISR --> CUCM --> 2911 Registered with SIP-UA --(FXS Ports)--> Analog Phone


In CUCM I am seeing "Rejected" under the status. I have included the ISR debugs for "ccsip messages".

Steps taken so far..


Configured SIP Advanced device

     Added ext to line 1

     Set "Digest User" to "telecomsiptest"

User Configuration - telecomsiptest

     Set digest authentication password

     Associated device to user account


Configured SIP UA as seen below.


credentials username telecomsiptest password 7 XXXXX realm XXXX

authentication username telecomsiptest password 7 XXXXX

registrar 1 ipv4: expires 3600

registrar 2 ipv4: expires 3600

registrar 3 ipv4: expires 3600

sip-server ipv4:

Any help would be greatly appreciated as always. If there's a better way of doing this setup, I'm all ears. Thanks again for your time.

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SIP-UA Registration to CUCM

There is not need to register. Configure the ISR as SIP trunk and that's it.

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Re: SIP-UA Registration to CUCM

If I did that, would I not need to build a Route Pattern for inbound calls, which would then require I create a route list as well? If this was multipled times a 100 that starts becoming unmanageable when the end-goal is to just have 1 extension ring down to the router and back.

Perhaps I'm not thinking about it correctly. Here's the scenario...


2911 Router - CUBE Licensed, PVDM installed

4-Port FXS Card - I'd like to connect 4 lines to an analog 4-line phone system.

4-Port FXO Card - For POTS Failover on SIP failure


The SIP gateway would only need 1 extension sent to it, example x5000. When x5000 is called it should be passed down to the the SIP gateway and then start hunting on the 4 FXS ports.


All outbound traffic will be passed to CUCM for processing. If CUCM is unreachable, calls will be sent via a POTS line connected to 4-Port FXO card.

Have I completely overthought the design? I've dug so deep into this I feel like I may have looked over something much simpler. Thanks for your help!

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Re: SIP-UA Registration to CUCM

Any additional thoughts on this? Thanks again for your insight.

Hello raymond00,Could you

Hello raymond00,

Could you finish your SIP Trunk configuration to ITSP? I have the same problem. I´m going to install a 2911 gateway to ITSP by SIP Trunk. This gateway will be registered on UCM. I want UCM hands all inbound and outbound calls. 

My topology: UCM > Trunk > Gateway > SIP Trunk > ITSP

Could you tell us your experience or your configuration file about it?

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