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SIP UserId/AuthId

In a short while we're going to deploy an IP-DECT gateway in order to attach a legacy DECT system to a CCM 6.1.1.

The gateway will have one SIP account per phone. We currently have a fully automated user management solution (AXL, doing users, profiles and phones) and we'd like to extend that.

I managed to set up a SIP softphone on my CCM to get a feeling for the third party SIP part. I set up the UserId = directory number on the ccm, and password = digest credentials in the user. However, it doesn't look like the DECT gateway has the same provisioning features, so in order to still have proper provisioning, I'd like to use the existing end users and just add digest credentials to them, then create SIP phones and tie them to those users.

But, it seems that the UserId is tied to the directory number, not actually the userid of the user. Is it not possible to authenticate against a user (the ccm end user userid remains static, but the number can be changed.. and if the ip dect gateway authenticates against the number, we need a manual intervention for each number change which is highly undesireable)?

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