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Sipura SPA901 and Ekiga = not working

Ever since I started using Ekiga several months ago, I've tried to get the SPA901 phone working with it. All the other SIP hardware phones seem to register just fine with Ekiga, but the SPA901 keeps telling me "Registration State: Failed", with the yellow light on on the phone and with no additional error messages or information.

I've set the following settings on the phone:


Register: yes

Make Call Without Reg: yes (also tried "no")

Ans Call Without Reg: yes (also tried "no")

User ID: my username without the "" ending, verified correct

Password: my password, verified correct

Display Name: empty (also tried my username)

Auth ID: empty (also tried my username)

Use Auth ID: no (also tried "yes")

SIP Port: 5060

STUN Server:

STUN Enable: yes

EXT IP: tried manually providing this as well, did not help

The phone correctly retrieves my external IP from the STUN server (I see it on the front settings page). But will not register. All the other settings are in their default values. Anything I could still try?

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