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Site Specific Phone Partitions - Need Logic

Why does Cisco want us to use site specific Partitions for our DN's? It doesnt make sense to me, I mean what if you have 100 sites? You are going to have over 100 Partitions in your Site specific Search spaces...Oh and by the way, every time you add another site, you are going to have to go in to EVERY OTHER site and that new sites partition into your search space for an on-net call..It doesnt make sense to me and I hate when I tell customers I dont do it that way and then I need to explain why I am going against what cisco recommends, thankfully I have been installing and deplying cisco VoIP for 6 years now so I can use that as a point I know what I am doing..but still wierd


Re: Site Specific Phone Partitions - Need Logic

just a question while we are on the subject and for my knowledge as well.

how do you guys normally configure each site to place calls through their own local PSTN lines?

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Re: Site Specific Phone Partitions - Need Logic

I am talking about the DN Specific Partition, we do still use a site specific PSTN partition so it will go out of local gateways. But what I am referring to is when lets say I am at a site in LA, and I have another site in miami. Cisco recommends that my EXTENSION on my phone will be in Partition LA-Phones and the EXTENSION on a phone in Miami would be in MIA-Phones. This requires now that I have the partition MIA-Phones in my search space in LA, and if you grow this X100, you will see the admin nightmare. I implement a "Line 1" partition that ALL phone DN's are assigned to and keep the site specific Partitions for PSTN and Features/Services.


Re: Site Specific Phone Partitions - Need Logic

Hi Luis,

You can try Line/Device approach

You use Internal partition for DNs

check this:

which document are you referring?


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Re: Site Specific Phone Partitions - Need Logic

It wasnt a specific doc that I was looking at, I was referring to when cisco Advanced services consults with a customer for how to implement the dialplan out. I have a customer that got the guidelines and dialplan layout from consultants at cisco. they did not do it the way this document is referring to, this document is actually how I do it, but instead of "internal_DN" I name it Line 1

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Re: Site Specific Phone Partitions - Need Logic


I see nothing amiss with doing it the way you do, especially when considering on-net dialing. While the Best Practice recommendations are made to fit most deployment needs, they are not set in stone. As the highly qualified and highly paid consultant you certainly should leverage your intimate understanding of the specific customer needs and design a solution that meets their specific goals :-)

If there's is no requirement to restrict reachability of any internal phone from any other internal phone, then a common partition across the sites adequately meets the requirement, and keeps the configuration simple.



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