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Skinny Server logging messages


I have been the following message continuosly on my 2851.

Jul 26 11:02:52.209 EDT: %SKINNYSERVER-3-NOINIT: Can't initialize Skinny server

Jul 26 11:02:52.209 EDT: %SKINNYSERVER-3-NOINIT: Can't initialize Skinny server

Jul 26 11:03:02.209 EDT: %SKINNYSERVER-3-NOINIT: Can't initialize Skinny server

Jul 26 11:03:02.209 EDT: %SKINNYSERVER-3-NOINIT: Can't initialize Skinny server

I can't find information about what this means anywhere. Does anybody know why I may be getting this and what I could do to fix it?

I have configured 2851 as a H323 gateway, with sccp parameters set up for conferencing. and using SRST portion for MOH config.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Skinny Server logging messages

The error message is

because the system runs out of sockets.


CSCeh67334 has already

been filed for this issue but since this message is a symptom of serveral causes, we have no IOS recommendation but it should be fixed in 12.4(9)T or newer.

There are few scenarios where you will see this message.

(1) You're trying to register too many ephones. Please do "show ephone

registered" and find out how many have registered successfully. Please also do "show ip socket detail" to correlate the registered ephones with sockets. Please ensure you are only trying to register no more then 240 ephones.

(2) We might have a socket leak. The "show ip socket detail" command should tell you how many sockets are opened. Again, compare it w/ the show ephone registered.

(3) This message has appeared when someone continues to repeatedly do "no telephony service and telephony service" that removes the skinny server and reinitializes it.

(4) Insufficient RAM on the router (How much memory does the router have install)?

This problem is caused by memory shortage in the ISR once you have all

the possible services configured. If the current memory installed on the

ISR is 256MB DRAM, will be OK for now even though will be better to upgarde to 512 MB

DRAM since they are alot of services.


New Member

Re: Skinny Server logging messages

Thanks very much for the information. I am actually running the latest code, so I just reloaded the router to see if it fixed the problem and IT DID. Your info helped me understand what might have been going on. Thanks again.

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Skinny Server logging messages


There is a similar problem on this thread here and this can be caused by a few things. You dont seem to have any sccp configuartion so this may be memory related..

I suggest you reboot the router. That should do it.

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