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SNR cucm 9.1 Remote destination and IP phone

Hi, I have tried to implement SNR in our telephony network but there is some troubles. I've configured RD and RD profile, attached them to my extension but when I try to call my extension my deskphone starts to ringing after few seconds I hear that dial tone have changed and my cell phone starts to ring. But when cell phone starts to ring, my deskphone is not ringing. I only see that the line button light is red. Even when my extension is in hunt group the other phones cease to ring when the RD is dialed.

Am I missing something? In that case this SNR works almost like NOAN forwarding. Also I haven't installed mobilty server yet, is it necessary?

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SNR cucm 9.1 Remote destination and IP phone

Sorry, found an answer in another discussion. It seems that my PBX send to CUCM message that "connected" instead of "ringing" via ISDN. That's why I can hear PBX's dial-tone, while cucm calls cell-phone.

SNR cucm 9.1 Remote destination and IP phone


Mobility server is not necessary. The mobility feature set used to require a separate server but is now built into the CUCM application.

Based on your description, you say that the IP phone extension shows as remote in use (that is what the "red light" means) while your mobile phone is ringing. That sounds like the expected behavior when the call to a remote destination has been successfully anchored, such as when the mobile phone is answered. I'd be interested in knowing whether you can pick the call up at the deskphone after hanging up the mobile phone (of course, you would need to answer on the mobile phone first).

If you wanted the deskphone and mobile phone to ring simultaneously, you will need to modify the timer to wait before ringing out the remote destination. Set it to 0 ms.

You could have a misconfiguration in there. Provisioning the mobility functionality is a little cumbersome. I always felt like there were too many steps. So, it is easy to miss something the first couple of times you configure it. I also recommend reviewing the Interactions/Restrictions for this feature in the Features and Services guide:

Just to make sure you don't have a feature compatibility issue.


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