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SNR-Not working for AT&T users only

So one of my customers is having a problem with their single number reach. It rings the desk phone properly,  but does not ring the users cell phone. After quite a bit of testing with different cell phone's, It was found that all AT&T phones (tested 3 different ones) would not ring along with the desk phone. Verizon and Sprint cell phones rang with the desk phone. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Will you be able to post

Will you be able to post debugs from the gateway? If it has a PRI, debug isdn q931, if its SIP, debug ccsip messages.

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George, Thanks for the



Thanks for the response. I have actually opened a TAC case on this issue. But, I did run the isdn debug, and you can see a disconnect. Signs tend to point to the problem being on the service providers side. 

Speculating here, but try to

Speculating here, but try to set the ISDN Plan/type appropriately if its not being set correctly.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into this.

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 The fix ended up being under


The fix ended up being under the PRI configuration in CUCM. unchecking the "Redirecting Number IE Delivery— Outbound " box fixed the issue. Thanks for the assistance. 



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