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SNR with SIP only

How exactly does SNR work?   I have a SIP only configuration,  IE no POTS.   I have SNR enabled and the telephone number entered for each user. 

1) When I call an extentions DID should it not ring the SNR number also?  Right now it does not.

2) If a SNR enabled user is part of a blast group,  shouldent it ring there SNR number in addtion to thier extention?

3) Is the SNR number supposed to include the outbound access code (9)   with the number?



New Member

Re: SNR with SIP only

For SNR to work the remote destination number (RDN) (the telephone you want to ring simultaneously) must not be a internal number.

Are you connecting to PSTN using SIP gateway or do you SIP phones simply on your IPT network?

To answer your questions:

1) Follow attached document to configure Mobility properly.

2) Yes Mobility will fork the call to the configured RDNs by default after 4000ms. You can lower this timer from Remote Destination Profile of the user.

3) Yes the RDNs need to be configured ideally with a 9 so as to enable Mobility app to call out successfully.

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Re: SNR with SIP only

Thank you,

1) It is a UC520 with 7975 phones SCCP.  The PSTN connection is a SIP gateway ITSP.  

2) The SNR numbers are external cell phones

3) Can you change the delay to 0ms so they ring nearly simultaniously?  What is is the CLi comands to do this?

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Re: SNR with SIP only


I am seriously puzzeled!    I entered the 9 1 xxx-xxx-xxxx  an AT&T wireless number into the SNR filed on the users 7975G phone,  check this out,  when I call the DID of the users 7975G desk phone from the very AT&T wireless phone that is entered into SNR expecting the call waiting to come on the AT&T phone showing the system calling me back and the SNR workign corectly right.  Nope!    The call waiting does not come back but insted the call goes directly to the AT&T wireless  voicemail having never showed up in call waiting,  strage?   That means that the system is sending the call out to the Cell but somehow AT&T is seeing that call and sending it directly to VM,  strange,  yes,  but I tested this no less than 10 times.  I even called AT&T to make sure that call waiting was enabled, it is,  I asked what AT&T's timeout is to VM and it is set to 30 seconds,  wierder yet,  I tested the AT&T wireless phone by placeing two sepeate land line calls to it and the call waiting and VM no answer timmer of 30 seconds is working correctly(tested many times).   Even stanger yet!!!  yes,   I call the 7975G's DID from another phone and it does not ring the AT&T cell phone at all and goes to the CUE voicemail. Yes,  thats right!!!!  The strangest is yet to come!   So if you are still following this, when I place the call from the AT&T wireless to the 7975g's DID the 7975G does ring as it should, despite the fact that the call gets picked up after 2 or 3 rings by the AT&T voicemail(having never showed a call waiting incoming mind you) the 7975G continues to ring,,,,   and,,,,  to really put me into a twilight zone,  I picked up the 7975G to see what would happen and it intercepted the connection to VM and connected me to the AT&T phone!    This is CIA type stuff!

OK,   what in he LL   kind of crazy SNR app is this.   Does cisco have some kind of way to tell if  its a VM versus a live voice and sort of soft connect the call?   Does ATT know that the call comming from the UC520 system is a some kind of crazy coded industry standard SNR call?    Did I just  discover the earth is flat? 

New Member

Re: SNR with SIP only

Can you please post the configs