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some advices needed for PSTN gateway choose


I hope the community can ive some good advices or/and direction of seraching the information.

We're using currenty an Opensource SIP platform (Openser/kamailio + Asterisk) for switching the VoIP calls, the PSTN gateway are doing for us external company, we just send them all external calls and get from the them the outside calls.

But we'd like to implement our own PSTN gateway, which would be compatible with our SIP platform and have good performance, we are planning to get many E1 or may be complete E3 from the Telko.

Which platform would be a good candidate to consider? would be AS5300 or AS5300XM right HW? which cards do they need to operate as gateway?

E1 is clear but do they need "High-Density Packet Voice/Fax Feature Card and DSP Module" or " 60- and 108-Universal Port Feature Cards" what is actually the difference between them?

UPD: is a SBC ( session boader control) really necessary for a simple VoIP network with PSTN gateway ? has as5300 such a feature, or it's completly different story?

Thank you in advance!


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Re: some advices needed for PSTN gateway choose


AS5400XM is a TDM-IP, IP-IP gateway which supports PSTN interconnections. AS5400XM Platform is the best Gateway for PSTN interconnections, which supports 16 E1/T1 terminations using E1/T1 Cards & High density DSP PVDM Modules.

Attached link will give you more clarity on the DSP module requirements.


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Re: some advices needed for PSTN gateway choose


You can also use AS5300 & AS5300XM GW for the same PSTN functionality, sorry forgot to update in the previous mail thread.

AS5300, AS5400XM series are just PSTN gateways and cannot do the SBC Functionality completely.. If you want to go for fully featured

SBC, you need to purchase Cisco PGW2200, which has all features related to SBC and supports PSTN gateways.

Thanks. Hope this info helps.

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