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Sometimes One Way Voice, Sometimes Choppy Voice at both ends

Dear Net Pro Team members,

We are running VOIP between CME in 3 different cities i.e. Riyadh ,Jeddah and Dammam.

We are using an ISP MPLS CLoud to reach each location. We are using Wireless Point to Point to reach ISP MPLS cloud at each location.

From last two months, we are facing problem in VOIP communication between Riyadh CME and Jeddah CME.

Somtimes we experience one way communication and sometimes we hear Choppy voice between two end. Sometimes voice is clear in oneway, while its choppy on the other way.

But sometimes,for very short time, the Voice is clear on both ends. But its for only a couple of minutes in a day.

But the rest of day, the problem remains in Voice.

The ping rates between both CME are under 130ms and there is not that much jitter. This rate is stable throughout the day.

We are using 3845 CME 4.3 in Riyadh and 3845 CME 3.3 in Jeddah.

For your convenience, I am attaching a high level Diagram of our topology. Also,

I have attached configs,ping rates and traceroute, of both CMEs.

We suspect the ISP MPLS cloud for this that they might have implemented some sort of QoS in their cloud but they do not admit it. Though they are blaming us that there is a problem in our configuration.

Although, VOIP worked perfectly fine with the same configuration for months but suddenly there was some problem in ISP cloud and delay and jitter increased. But later on they fixed it and delay,jitter got back to normal but since then we are facing this situation.

Kindly, help us pin-point the problem whether it lies on our side or on ISP side.

If there is any workaround to get out of this problem??


Re: Sometimes One Way Voice, Sometimes Choppy Voice at both ends


Please monitor your MPLS link by the following

1. Clear the counters of MPLS interface & and monitor the MPLS interface for errors,packet drops,CRC etc.

2.After clearing the interface still errors are there or reliability is not 255/255 , then you need to speak to MPLS service provider & inform him that you are gettings packet drops.

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Re: Sometimes One Way Voice, Sometimes Choppy Voice at both ends

Dear Hytham,

Thanks for your response.

We are not directly connected to the MPLS cloud. We reach the ISP cloud by a static route which points towards a gateway router provided by the ISP.

IP MPLS cloud starts after ISP gatways router so how we can monitor the MPLS interface??

Is there a way to monitor voice packet drops at CME?

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