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SPA2102 and cisco callmanager 6



i'm trying to configure a spa2102 in order to interoperate with a cisco callmanager 6.

i cannot find out documentation (on cisco or linksys website).

can someone help me in order to find out documentation, or a correct configuration procedure?


Re: SPA2102 and cisco callmanager 6

The recommended replacement for the Cisco ATA 188 Analog Telephone Adaptor is the Cisco ATA 186 Analog Telephone Adaptor or either the Linksys SPA2102 or SPA2100.

Setup the Linksys 2102 as a simple Third party device and an advanced device.

Configure the SPA2102 in CallManager:

On the CallManager side:

Create new 3rd party basic SIP phone. Set owner user id and digest user id to existing user, for security profile set standard sip non-secure. Then associate device with user.

On the phone side:

Domain/Realm and SIP Proxy set to IP address of CallManager. Display name may be anything. User name is an extension assigned to the phone. Authorization User set to username set as owner/digest user in CallManager. Password can be blank.

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Re: SPA2102 and cisco callmanager 6

i configured CCM and spa2102, but the registration is rejected,

the syslog says: "YM:ERR:AuthServerNotConfig".

I didn't find out the field "domain/realm" where insert the CCM IP (i found only the proxy field), maybe this could be the problem??


Re: SPA2102 and cisco callmanager 6

New Member

Re: SPA2102 and cisco callmanager 6


following the procedure, now the linksys SPA2102 is registred on CCM.

I can place calls from the analog phone to voip devices registred on CCM, but not the

opposite. In this second case i meet 2 problems:

1) the analog phone rings but i get immediatelly a congestion tone on the caller Voip-phone


2)after On-hook (voip phone), the analog phone does not stop to ring.

any idea? thanks

New Member

Re: SPA2102 and cisco callmanager 6

i resolved by myself.

thanks again for your previous suggestion.

New Member

Re: SPA2102 and cisco callmanager 6


How did you solve it? I have the same issue but against a Broadworks R16.

The SPA2102 appears as registered but it can only make calls but nor receive them

Please let me know.


Andres Pasten


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