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SPA3102 Call Routing

I'm not sure if this question is best placed for this website or the Linksys one.

I've got a SPA3102 with my PSTN and SIP provider configered accordingly. I'm moving abroad and will be leaving the SPA3102 in the uk so I can speak with the family over the SIP connection with a PAP2T.

Is it possible to call the SPA3102 from abroad over the SIP connection and get a local UK dial tone through the FXO port to then make local PSTN calls ? - if so, can anyone give me some direction as the provided documentation is quite limited.

The second sinario - could my family call the SPA3102 from within the UK (from say a mobile phone) over the PSTN/FXO line and then route calls back out through the SIP interface to call me abroad for only the cost of the local call to the SAP3102? if so, again, how would this be done ?

Any help would be much apprecaited

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