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SPA3102 FXS port


I have a problem with my SPA3102's FXS port.

In last April I tested my friend's two PAP2T adapters with four phones. The adapters were connected to same switch with different fix IP addresses and phones were able to ring each other. Then I got one of adapters from him as a gift and on 2nd of January I bought an SPA3102 - so I have two adapters.

I connected my adapters to same switch. Their parameters are:

  FXS #1:
    SIP port: 5060
    display name: 1
    user ID: 1
  FXS #2:
    SIP port: 5061
    display name: 2
    user ID: 2

SPA3102 IP:
    SIP port: 5062
    display name: 3
    user ID: 3


PAP2T Line1:        (<2:>S0 <:2@>|<3:>S0 <:3@>|<[x*]:>S0 <:1@>)
PAP2T Line2:        (<1:>S0 <:1@>|<3:>S0 <:3@>|<[x*]:>S0 <:2@>)
SPA3102 FXS:      (<1:>S0 <:1@>|<2:>S0 <:2@>|<[x*]:>S0 <:3@>)

Well there is problem with third phone (SPA3102 FXS port). Phones with PAP2T work perfectly, they can call each other. The 3rd phone has dialtone sometimes only but it is unable to call the other two phones. "1" and "2" can call third phone sometimes but another time I get reorder tone when I dial "3".

I have made backups from adapters' settings. Does somebody have any idea about this problem?

Thanks in advance,,,

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SPA3102 FXS port


Have you looked at the following document and worked thru it?

Voice CCIE #37771
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SPA3102 FXS port

Hello Hermanus,

I have read linked content but it contains proxy settings. So I needn't to use these settings because when I tested adapters I tried to use them like a "micro-PBX" with three extensions and they weren't connected to the Internet (and a VoIP provider). My PC and the adapters were connected to same switch and there wasn't internet access. In last April, when I tested the two PAP2Ts, I would use four phoneset (four "extensions") without any proxy settings and they would work correctly. Settings of SPA3102 and PAP2T are very similar (see linked backup MHTs) so I don't understand behavior of third phone (extension "3" on SPA3102).

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Re: SPA3102 FXS port

Hi Hermanus,

You're a wizard...    The problem was the missing <:@gw1> strings in dialplan (see your 2nd link). The PAP2T doesn't require this string but it seems SPA3102 does. Now the 3rd "extension" (SPA3102) can call others....but...

...but there is an another problem now. 

When I make a call from ext. 3 e.g. to ext. 2, it rings. Then I put the line "3" in on-hook state and in off-hook again, there isn't dialtone and I'm unable to make calls of course ... until either I make a power cycle for SPA3102 or make a "Line 1 disable/enable" cycle via its web config page. During this (while isn't dialtone) ext. 3 is callable from ext. 1 or 2.


Re: SPA3102 FXS port

Weel at least we are moving in a direction.

Maybe browse thru this thread as well and see if this sheds any light on your issue:

Voice CCIE #37771
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Re: SPA3102 FXS port


Problem is solved... 

SPA3102 has two RJ45 outlets: LAN and WAN (internet). I have used LAN only because of switch and the INTERNET terminal was empty. It appears to me this situation drives SPA3102 crazy...    I had to make a "loopback" plug (I linked contact 1 to contact 3 and contact 2 to contact 6) and insert it into INTERNET outlet. So all of phones work well...

If you want to use a PAP2T lonely (without internet access) as a "micro-PBX" with two extensions, you will have to use same plug otherwise phones won't work.

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