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SPA400 as voicemail / FXO ports for CME?

I realise it's a Linksys product rather than "proper" Cisco, but has anybody tried using an SPA400 (the little 4 FXO port and voicemail server unit) in conjunction with Call Manager Express? There doesn't seem to be much documentation available but since it appears to be based on Asterisk and uses SIP, it seems logical that it might just about work.

Obviously this would be an unsupported config, and quite limited in functionality compared to (say) Unity Express, but has anybody done it? Would you share the configs you used to get it going? I'm more interested in the VM bit than using the FXO ports, since I already have a couple of FXOs in the CME router.

I have a spare SPA400 left over from when I was playing with the SPA400/SPA9000 combo with a couple of Linksys handsets and it seems a shame to let it gather dust if it could be doing something useful. FWIW, I never did get the SPA400/SPA9000 setup to play nicely with a UK phone line, despite spending many hours trying.

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