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SPA8800 and 3cx

i am having trouble configuring the SPA8800 with 3CX due to a lack of a actual setup guide.  I have been throught the forums and can tell several people have met success with trials and tribulations.  First i would like to state that if i could find out how or if the option were available in the future to import the config file from 3cx to the spa8800 like the Patton 4114 the SPA8800 would replace it in the market.

However i think that as does the 3cx manager provides a config file for the 3102 i dont know that the 3102 has the option to import it.

further more, i have the spa8800 registered with the 3cx server but i cant call out which could be the dial plan or a few other reasons.  which is why i want to be able to simply import the config file, i am sure 3cx would include that device in there support if the spa8800 would have the option to import it.

and finally i can tell that you guys could creat a "how to in the mean time"

it is definately appearant the spa8800 works with asterisk there is a pdf for the setup!


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