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Special call handling needed

Hi community,


special problem, short description of what we have actually:


7925   DN 777

8961   DN 777 on its EM-profile

These are classic sharedline, which means incoming call on 777 will ring on both, busy if one call is active, you can handover calls from one phone to another via hold/continue


Neat thing, in my opinion.

Not in the customers opinion, they hat a CTI-application called C4B before, like they have now again, and on the old Siemens-Hipath they could choose via this C4B which phone they want to use to call outgoing with, on their PCs.

Problem is, we had to anchor C4B on different lines/DNs, not mac-adresses(another option), since we are using extension mobility in the cluster.

I could use a huntgroup and different DNs on the phones, so both phones could be hidden behind a public reachable telephone number, in this case the 777, the phones would have for example 3777 and 4777. I could use external phone number mask field, for both phones to be presented as the xxxx/xxxx777 to the called person.

Problem again with that, the calling customer from PSTN wouldn´t get a busy (like with the shared line) if one of the phones is in a call, and pressing HLog "isn´t acceptable"...also if the customer itself would call internal DNs, they would see the 3777 or the 4777.


Any idea for this thing? I cannot figure out how i should do this...


Many thanks in advance for any input regarding that,


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Not exactly getting what you

Not exactly getting what you want to do, but one of your statements is wrong

Problem again with that, the calling customer from PSTN wouldn´t get a busy (like with the shared line) if one of the phones is in a call,

Even with shared lines, the maximum number of calls and busy trigger are independent, if you have 2 phones, even if you have the settings to 2 and 1, if one of them is already on a call, the other phone would ring if you dial the shared line.



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Hi Jaime, no, it isn´t wrong,

Hi Jaime, no, it isn´t wrong, thats exactly what happens. And what should happen, gives you the nice opportunity with shared line to handover a call from one phone to another...otherwise this wouldn´t be possible that way. Quite sure about this, since i do this for several years like that when i need that functionality. And btw its exactly what happens at that customer, because we planned that behaviour in that it seemed to be obvious. Not like we figured out now...


And right, the thing with the not busy line when using a huntgroup is exactly my problem. Otherwise THIS would be the simplest solution to that problem.


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And, the problem is, the

And, the problem is, the customer wants TWO different DNs(since its the only option we can use with that CTI-Software C4B) to be "hidden" behind a PSTN- and internal-reachable number.

AND be able to choose which of these will dial out, 8961/EM or wifi-phone.

This is the point which WILL work, i can hide both using external phone number mask, so that callbacks from PSTN would hit the huntpilot.

BUT, as described already, callers would get no busy if someone is calling in while one of these phones behind that huntpilot has already an active call. And the customer STRICTLY denies using the damn HLog button...this would solve the problem in no time.

BTW i know, Jabber could solve that problem also. But...the customer also doesn´t want to use "this program", they r totally fixed on their C4B, like they use it for years.


Hope i could explain better now whats the problem...

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