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speech Access

can anyone tell me if speech access (say play etc) is built into unity 7 or do we have to purchase speech connect and run on a seperate server?


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Re: speech Access

Hey Mate,

A separate server and license is still required. It is built-in on Unity Connection 7.x

Here is a great doc from Shaun;

A dedicated ***server is a requirement to use these "cool" features;

Managing Voice-Recognition


Voice-recognition features allow subscribers to interact with Cisco Unity by speaking rather than by using the phone keypad. The features are licensed by number of concurrent sessions, and ***require installation and configuration of voice-recognition software on a separate and dedicated server. Voice recognition is not available to outside callers.

Here are the related docs my friend;


Revised February 2008

The Speech Connect system is a software product that is loaded onto a hardware server. The hardware server must meet the following requirements:

The following Cisco 7800 Series Media Convergence Server (MCS) server models-configured as shipped-are supported:

-Cisco MCS 7825-H3

-Cisco MCS 7825-I3

-Cisco MCS 7835-H2

-Cisco MCS 7835-I2

-Cisco MCS 7845-H2

-Cisco MCS 7845-I2

The following RAM is required:

-2 GB of RAM for MCS 7825 and MCS 7835

-4 GB of RAM for MCS 7845

The correct number of hard drives is required, as follows (too few or too many will cause installation errors):

-2 hard drives for MCS 7825

-4 hard drives for MCS 7835 and MCS 7845

DVD-ROM drive

Keyboard, mouse, and monitor


Note The Speech Connect installer checks for the presence of the DVD-ROM drive, sufficient hard drive and memory sizes, sufficient CPU type and speed, and the correct number of hard drives. If too few or too many hard drives are installed, the installer will be unable to complete RAID configuration properly, and will report a failure.

Installing the Speech Connect License

Revised March 2008

The Licensing fields display the current license key for this system and the status of your current Speech Connect license agreement. This section describes how to obtain and upload a new or changed license code for your system.


***When a Speech Connect system is not licensed, only 50 employee and 50 department records can be included in the speakable directory. This limitation is not enforced during data import and management, but is enforced when the directory is compiled for call recognition. When the grammar is compiled, the first 50 employees sorted by first name/last name and the first 50 departments sorted by department code can be reached.

Hope this helps!


Re: speech Access

Hey guys,

I know this thread is as old as i am but i have the same question so was wondering if this solution provided was final. i thought speech connect Vs having the internal user send voice commands (play, stop, etc) was different.

Doesnt the "internal" voice recognition come with Unified Messaging and it just runs on a separate W2K3 server? i have UNITY 8 in the lab and this requires a dedicated server but i also have unity 5 and this can be installed on W2K3. i dont have 7 which is why im asking the question.

Again, speech connect from my understanding is to search the directory via voice commands as well as allow PSTN callers to have that ability as well. "Internal" voice recognition gives the internal users (only) the ability to say play stop etc without pressing the keypad.

My question is am i correct, and if so, does the std license take care of the voice recog for internal or do you still need to purchase a separate license.

PS. We have CUWL STD. and i checked the UNITY 7 documentation. It automatically goes to the UNITY 5 documentation so im assuming the same thing applies from 5 to 7 and changes to this were only made in 8


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Re: speech Access

Hey Arvind,

You are most correct that Voice recognition is seperate from Speech Connect

Press-or-Say Phone Input Style

The Press-or-Say phone input style gives subscribers the options of pressing the key or saying the number that corresponds to a menu option.

In addition, when addressing messages, adding names to private lists, and using the Message Locator feature, subscribers can say the names of recipients instead of spelling them by using the phone keypad. To improve the accuracy of name recognition, you can enter alternate spellings for the names of individual subscribers. Alternate spellings are entered on the Alternate Name page for individual subscribers in the Cisco Unity Administrator. See either the "Voice Addressing" section or the "Managing the Alternate Names List" section for more information.

You enable the Press-or-Say input style on the applicable Conversation page for a subscriber template or an individual subscriber in the Cisco Unity Administrator, or by using the Bulk Edit utility. Do the following "To Enable the Press-or-Say Input Style" procedure to enable the Press-or-Say input style for subscribers. If voice-recognition features are enabled for subscribers, then subscribers can enable or disable the Press-or-Say input style over the phone or by using the Cisco Unity Assistant.

The Press-or-Say feature requires an additional server running voice-recognition software.

Here is the install info (you do require Voice Recognition session Licenses) applicable to Unity 7.x as well.


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Re: speech Access

Hi Rod, nice info about Unity Connection and Speech Connect (+5 Points). Could you share a link about the configuracion of this feature. I'm using CUCM 7.0 and CUC 7.1

Thanks and best regards.


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Re: speech Access

Hi David,

With Unity Connection this "Voice recognition" is built-in and does

not require a seperate server It does however require certain

Advanced User licenses and Voicerecsession licenses.

Voice Recognition

Access to the voice-recognition conversation allows users to interact with Cisco Unity Connection by saying commands rather than by using keys on the phone. To enable users to use it, complete the following tasks in the order presented:

1. Assign users or a user template to a class of service that offers a license to access the voice-recognition feature and enables users to use it.

2. Specify that each user account or template is assigned to the voice-recognition conversation.

Note that you can offer voice recognition to members of the COS only if enough licenses are available.

To Allow COS Members a License to Access and Use the Voice-Recognition Feature

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, find the COS that you want to change, or create a new one.

Step 2 On the Edit Class of Service page, under Licensed Features, check the Allow Access to Advanced Features check box, and then check the Allow Users to Use Voice Recognition check box.

Step 3 Click Save.

Touchtone and Voice-Recognition Conversations


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Re: speech Access


thanks as always. thought id should have come but the licensing was saying 0. first time working with CUWL and we have CUWL STD so im talking to our cisco rep to find out if we were supposed to get everything or if its still a separate license. (Im thinking it should be included which is one of the reasons they "invented" cuwl right

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