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speed dialing

I have a ccme 3.3 and 20 IP phones. I want that all the phones can dial to a number i.e. 200 and then this number translate to a external number i.e. 964812510

That is the most dialed number in the office so I want that all users dial it faster.

Is it possible to configure it in the cme? How can I do it?

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Re: speed dialing

Hi Santi,

This is quite possible in CME here are some docs that explain the methods;

Speed-Dial Buttons and Abbreviated Dialing

In a Cisco CME system, each phone can have up to 33 local speed-dial numbers (codes 1 through 33), up to 99 systemwide speed-dial numbers (codes 1 through 99), or a combination of the two. If you program both a local and a systemwide speed-dial number with the same code (tag number), the local number takes precedence. In most cases you will want to reserve codes 1 through 33 for local, per-phone speed-dial numbers and use codes 34 through 99 for systemwide speed-dial numbers so that there is no conflict.

On an IP phone, a speed-dial number can be on a speed-dial button or it can be an abbreviated code that is dialed from the keypad. On an analog phone, a speed-dial number can only be an abbreviated code.

Each speed-dial definition contains a speed-dial code (an identifier also known as a tag) and usually the full extension or telephone number that should be dialed when the code is used at the phone. However, local speed-dial entries on IP phone buttons can be defined without telephone numbers so that phone users can enter whatever numbers they want from the phone. Local speed-dial definitions can also be created with locked numbers that cannot be changed from the phone. Systemwide speed-dial definitions cannot be changed from the phone.

From this doc;

Here is a good overview doc for the different CME Speed Dials;

Hope this helps!


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Re: speed dialing


If you want/have to use the dialed nr. 200 you

can use global translation-rules on the ephone-dn.


translation-rule 10

rule 1 200 964812510

ephone-dn xx

number xxxx

translate {called | calling} 10



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Re: speed dialing

What I want to do is :

If an IP phone dial 200 it is translated automatically to the number 667422712 who is the number of the head office of my company

I have tried to do what you say but its not running and then I have tried this:

ephone 1

speed-dial 20 +667433712 label headoffice

then restart

But it's not running, any ideas?

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Re: speed dialing


When you dial (from the phone directly) the number 667433712, does it work's?

If not, you may haven't a dial-peer for this nr.



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Re: speed dialing

Yes I have a dial-peer for this number and if I dial 667433712 directly it works.

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Re: speed dialing

I used the following to force divert all "0" calls to the recpetionist on ext 300

ephone-dn 100

number 0

label Internal reception

call-forward all 300

By the same logic, this should work too

ephone-dn 200

number 200

label Head-Office Transfer

call-forward all 667433712

As long as the person who dials 200 has the required Class of Restriction to use the number that the call-forward points to, should work.


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Re: speed dialing


here a sample with translation-rule:

translation-rule 200

Rule 1 ^200 667433712

ephone-dn 1

number 220

label nr.220

name nr.220

description nr.220

translate called 200



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