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Speed dials

Hi there

I work at a head office for a retail company and we are currently running CallManager 4.1.

There is now a need for us to start adding speed dials in order for people in the head office here to call the stores (normal external call).

We currently have a few stores and what we do at the moment is:

1. Add translation pattern. So I'll put the actual number in and the speeddial eg. *5109

2. Add this details to the users so that it appears on the internal directory.

Up until now this has worked fine when we do one or two stores. How though will I be able to add 500 stores easily? The users I can easily add using BAT. But how do I add all the translation patterns in.

Also, some users here are allowed to call only internally. They need to be able to dial speed dials however. Which works fine when I add them as I do above. In translation pattern.

Is there a better/smarter way of doing this?

Thanks a mil

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Re: Speed dials


Not really a better way, no... the use of translation patterns works around any restrictions on the phone, which is useful.

Any other type of directory service would still need something like that translation patterns you have on the back end in order to bypass the user's normal restrictions.

In terms of adding translation patterns, it's possible to bulk import them using AXL. I would probably maintain a spreadsheet of the dials, and then when you want to update them probably delete all the existing ones and reimport from the spreadsheet.

There are some example scripts knocking around the net written in PERL etc, let me know if you can't find one/get one working and I'll see if I have something that would work on 4.x.



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Re: Speed dials

Actually, you can use the Bulk Import/Export tool and add Translation patterns.

Basically, if you create speed dials to PSTN calls, you can allow it use a CSS that has access to the PSTN then.  The only problem is that , they will use the same Route Pattern to PSTN.

In the Bulk admin drop down, go to Import, Export.  Export the Translations and associated items.

It will come out as a TAR file.  Use 7-up to export the file.  Keep the same structure in folders and file names.   Edit the CSV file your translations you need, then save the file.

use 7-up to TAR the folder directry back, upload to CUCM and import the TAR file.  It will then create all your translations.

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Re: Speed dials

Ah yes - forgot that option.

Good for one-off imports but a little clunky if you have frequent maintenance - i.e. a monthly update of new stores to add etc.

I do have a modified version of the AxlSqlToolkit that can be run from a command line to import tx patterns if that's of any use...


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Re: Speed dials

Im not comfortable with AXL..... but someday.

You can actually re-run the same file format, just add the new ones and it will not break the old translations.  Still need to re tar the file, upload, process, etc.

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