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split clustering on CUCM 7.x or 6.x?

Has anyone been brave enough to split cluster CUCM 7 yet? It says 80ms roundtrip time, but could I go from coast to coast? (Pub on the west coast and Sub on the east coast?) I can find my metrics on latency based on miles. After x miles, roundtrip time and latency increases.



Re: split clustering on CUCM 7.x or 6.x?

I've split couple up with no issues. However, it wasn't coast to coast. The longest one was from Jackson,MS to Chicago,IL and it works great. We made sure we met the 80ms roundtrip time by installing a dedicated T1 just for database replication.

The database stays in constant sync with no issues. So to answer your question, as long as you can stay within the CoW standards of the SRND guide for CM, then you should be ok.

My recommendation is to have more then one subscriber in this design. It decreases the risk tremendously.

PUB/SUB in Primary Location and SUB in remote location... If phones are at the remote location, home all phones to the local subscriber and backup to the Primary location.

Hope this helps, if so rate post.

Re: split clustering on CUCM 7.x or 6.x?

You are at about 750 miles, so that should be fine. I keep having the debate between theoretical latency and true latency based upon distance. Client says they are getting 80ms coast to coast, I call bull. No way possible because of the actual mileage. So Im trying to find the happy medium and Im leaning towards a 1000 mile cutoff to ensure roundtrip time, etc.

Re: split clustering on CUCM 7.x or 6.x?

Yeah.. The distance is going to be a problem. Most WAN connection once they get over a certain distance will start seening a drop in performance and getting it to stay constant at 80 ms and belwo in my opinion could be difficult, but possible depending on the carrier.

Re: split clustering on CUCM 7.x or 6.x?

yeah, pretty risky over 1000 miles in my opinion. But being engineers we are, opinions have to backed up by facts.... ugg...

thanks for your input!

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