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Spoofing Multiple SRST MOH on a Branch?

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I’m sure Cisco IOS 15 supports multiple MOH under telephone service on CME Call Manager,


When, Corporate HQ and Branch1 do not allow muticast (either unicast) for music on hold on their links.

How can a Router spoofing multiple files on MOH form differenta ranges of extensions at one branch office?

It is possible under the command.


How the telephones registered at Corp_HQ CUCM know how to take a specific MOH file on the SRST-Configured router? (Since I've read about IOS 15 allow up to 5 MOH sources at the same time).

Note, when I say "SRST", I do not mean the branch phones lost connectivity with the Corp_HQ CUCM.

Instead, I mean that the router is SRST 8.0 capable and configured for mainly purpose of multicast multiple MOH Files.

If I have to implement this I would do the following: (in a nut).

1.- Create the relations  MOH audio source file --> MOH Server (multicast) --> MRG --> MRGL --> Device Pool.

2.- Assign the branch phones (at the device/line level) the User Hold MOH Audio Source.

3.- Configure Branch router to stream multiple MOH files.

4.- Pray


Thank you very much for your time to write back,

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