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Sporadic one way audio


I have a

MGCP Gateway -- CCM1 --h323--CCM2.

Sometime the users at the secound CCM has problems with one way Audio.

I start today a trace at the first CCM and saw the following error messages:

05/14/2007 13:44:07.407 CCM|IsdnMsgData1= 08 02 88 79 6E 27 01 F1 4C 05 80 34 35 39 30 7E 00 31 05 28 50 19 00 06 00 08 91 4A 00 04 00 80 AB 49 64 13 20 D1 1D 79 08 A9 01 91 10 11 AE 10 A0 01 00 0F 01 40 B5 00 00 12 08 80 A4 00 04 00 01 01 00 |<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX>

05/14/2007 13:44:07.422 CCM|MmmanService - ERROR Too many calls to decrementTotalNumberOfRegisteredCallingEntities, Already at zero.|<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX>

05/14/2007 13:44:11.657 CCM|}|<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX>

05/14/2007 13:44:11.657 CCM|RouteListCdrc::null0_CcSetupReq - Terminating a call after the RouteListCdrc cannot find any more device.|<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX><CT::0,0,0,0.0><IP::><DEV::>

05/14/2007 13:44:11.657 CCM|RouteListCdrc::terminateCall - No more Routes in RouteListName = BARCLONA_OLDCCM_RL. Rejecting the call|<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX><CT::0,0,0,0.0><IP::><DEV::>

05/14/2007 13:44:11.657 CCM|RouteListCdrc::terminateCall - Sending CcRejInd, with cause code (19), to RouteListControl because no one answered a call.|<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX><CT::0,0,0,0.0><IP::><DEV::>

05/14/2007 13:44:11.657 CCM|RouteListCdrc::terminateCall - Sending CcRelInd, with cause code (127), to Cc because it has sent CcRegisterPartyB to Cc.|<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX><CT::0,0,0,0.0><IP::><DEV::>

05/14/2007 13:44:11.657 CCM|RouteListCdrc::sendDStopInd|<CLID::DERUXX><NID::145.16.XX.XX><CT::0,0,0,0.0><IP::><DEV::>

Any Idea what this means?

Thanks David

New Member

Re: Sporadic one way audio

The trace that you have posted here does not look to me like it is directly related to a one-way-voice issue. It looks more like a call routing problem. Does this trace appear every time you get one-way-voice??

The vast majority of one-way-voice problems are LAN/WAN problems. Look at you network infrastructure first. Work through the logic about what is happening. Call Manager senses that a phone has gone off-hook, receives digits, then when it has a match for a destination it tells both devices to set up an RTP stream (one in each direction). Call Manager is then no longer directly in the process of keeping up the UDP/IP/RTP streams.

Look for errors on your interswitch uplinks, your campus ingress/egress points. Check your QoS and also look for asymmetric routing and routing black holes.

The most important advise that I can give is to gather information. Get the users to tell you what number they were dialling, what number they were dialling from, what time of day. This will allow you to build up a picture of the problem, and this will lead you (eventually) to it being a particular site, gateway or time of day which will tell you which piece of the network or which gateway to target.

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Re: Sporadic one way audio


I fixed the problem with this document.


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