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SQL command for Activating a Directory Number in 4.1.3

I am running CM4.1.3SR7. I am looking for a way to activate a bunch of directory numbers in my CallManager that are already present but not active.

I was hoping for some kind of SQL command to apply directly to my database via SQL query analyzer.

I am in a situation where I need to use my CCM as a hub for CallForwarding calls to users mobile phones. I can create directory numbers via BAT when I creaty a dummy phone and deletes it afterwards. But BAT deactivates the directory number when deleting the phones (which is probably OK).

So I need a way to reactivate them again. And as I have a few thousands, I would prefere not to do it via the web GUI of 4.1.3.

Anybody who has done this before and knows the SQL command ?

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Re: SQL command for Activating a Directory Number in 4.1.3


with CCM 4.1 you cannot have a DN without associating it with a phone.

So without associating the DN to a phone, it cant be active or used.

With CCM 5.X and 6.X this can be done.

If I understand what you are trying to so..we have similar thing here in my offcice where we use xlation patterns to forward calls to user mobiles or to dial their momobiles directly.

If you have a user whose DN is 1226. You can create a xlation patter eg 51226. The on the called party xform mask..put in the momobile number of the user there.

You can then go to the DN on CFNA etc to 51226.

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Re: SQL command for Activating a Directory Number in 4.1.3

Thx for your post. I am able to insert a phone (with directory number) via BAT. If I then delete the Device, the directory number remains in the database, but is no longer active. If I then lookup the directory number via Route Plan Report, I can find the number and manually activete it. Then the Directory Number is working again and I can set a Callfoward All to a mobile phone.

It's just that I find it very irritating that I have to go through the manual web GUI interface to re-activate the Directory number after deleting the associated device.

That's why I'm looking for a SQL command to do this job for me rather than going through 5000 directory numbers via the web GUI.

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