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SQL Database access in CUCM 7.X vs 6.X

We are using a customized Corp Directory that uses a SQL Query to generate the directory based on fields that do not appear to be available via LDAP.  We are looking to upgrade to CUCM 7.1.4.  Will we have issues with the SQL query?  Is the database structured differently in CUCM 7.X?


Re: SQL Database access in CUCM 7.X vs 6.X

Look up the database (or data) dictionary for 6x vs. 7x. The differences won't be so obvious without some due diligence on your part but there are typically some changes between versions. I don't anything too major for what you're doing but you'd need to take a look at the various tables you're accessing and compare.


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Re: SQL Database access in CUCM 7.X vs 6.X

There are several schema changes between 6x and 7x. I am not sure which fields you are using, but I assume you are using some fields from the enduser table. This table is mostly the same between the 6x and 7x schemas. I also assume you may be using the line label available via devicenumplanmap table and/or the dnorpattern from the numplan table. This will still be the same.

I have a custom corp directory I am developing for a 6.1 environment and I am testing in a 7.1 environment. No issues thus far, but without knowing what tables/fields your current query is using I cannot tell you if it will work or not. The probability is quite high that it will work.

One thing that you should be aware of, however, is that in 7.1 the way that the corporate directory/personal directory/missed calls/received calls/placed calls are handled from a phone perspective are completely different. Cisco introduced the concept of enterprise services and where the directories do NOT use the URLs any more. There are some upsides to this, but an impact to you. The impact is that you will likely need to make changes to how phones provision services (you will need External + Internal) and you will need to test how the missed/received/placed call lists are impacted. Finally, your application will also need to provide the URL for the personal directory application if you use this. You may have already had to deal with this in 6.1.

I recommend taking a look at this blog I wrote on the topic of corporate directory changes in 7.1. The focus on the article is slightly different than your question, but the key points are covered.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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