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The customer has the initial requirements as follow:

1. CUCMBE 7.5 with Unity Connection at the HQ location

2. 2901 gateway with SRST in one remote site

3. Auto Attendant and Voicemail for both sites will be configured with Unity Connection

4. When WAN is down, the SRST becomes active and voicemail is available for users in the remote site

Now the customer is considering if the CUCMBE server is down, there would be no voicemail and Auto Attendant for both sites. They like to have redundant local voicemail and Auto Attendant in the remote site so that the phone service and voicemail are available in the event of either WAN or CUCMBE server outage. I am thinking to add the CUE module to the remote site. I have the following questions:

a. Is this a poasible solution?

b. The AA and voicemail with the Unity Connection should be used when WAN and server are operating properly. How should SRST be configured to kick in AA and voicemail with CUE only in the event of WAN or CUCMBE server outage?

c. A message is left in the CUE during the SRST operation mode, then the system is back online before the user listens to the message. His phone receives MWI from Unity Connection now. How can the user know there is a message waiting for him in the CUE?

Please ask me questions if I don't describe it clearly.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: SRST and CUE

The solution to this is called Survivable Remote Site Voicemail (SRSV) and is realitively new. It comprises of a CUE module at the remote site(s) and a Unified Messaging Gateway (UMG) module at the site where Unity Connection is. The UMG synchronizes subscribers, messages, and even MWIs between the remote CUE module and the central Unity Connection server.

Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway:

Survivable Remote Site Voicemail:

For the most part, the CUE setup and CME integration would follow the standard documentation. You will likely need to use CME in SRST mode instead of traditional SRST.

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Re: SRST and CUE

Hi Jonathan,

I really appreciate your helps.

The problem is the customer has CUCME, which is not supported by CUMG. Please see the release notes below:

I still have the following questions for you.

1. Is it possible to configure Auto Attendant with CUE at remote site but it will be active during SRST operation only ?

    for example:

    main number at remote site: 1800-1234567

    Under the normal operation, the call to 1800-1234567 will hit the AA number 1234 in Unity Connection at main site. Assuming we configure a backup AA 2234 (has the same call flow as 1234) in CUE at remote site, can we configure to route the call to 1800-1234567 to hit AA 2234 in CUE during the SRST operation? and how?

2. Is it possible to configure voicemail in CUE for users at remote site and the callers will be able to leave message in CUE during the SRST operation? Please note that we don't consider the message synchronization between CUE and Unity Connection with this and the caller should leave message in Unity Connection under the normal operation.



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