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SRST failover with wireless bridge link

I have a 2800 SRST gateway on a tug, yes a tug. When at the jetty the 2800 router connects to my network over a wireless bridge and phones register with the callmanager on the "land" network.

When the wireless bridge is un-plugged from the router or powered down the phones register with the router and can make calls between handsets on the tug.

However if the tug goes out of wireless range the phones continue to try and register with the call manager. The only way to get them to register with the router is to power down or un plug the wireless bridge.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Community Member

Re: SRST failover with wireless bridge link

What is the default gateway of the phones? The 2800 router or the wireless bridge? Also, check call manager device pool to see what SRST Reference is defined and make sure it is defined as the ip address of the 2800. If they keep trying to register, maybe the SRST reference is set to "Use Default Gateway" and it is looking to the wireless bridge.

The phones should automatically fall back to SRST mode in 90 seconds which is when they lose 3 keepalive messages between the phone and callmanager server.



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