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SRST mode auto-provision command

I have a CME installation that is upgrading to CM 5.1. However, they have a very-well tuned ephone and ephone-dn config currently on CME that I'd like to keep when in SRST mode.

I've come across the "telephony-service" sub-command: "srst mode auto-provision none" and it seems as though that will allow my original CCME config to function as the SRST config.

This would be beautiful and I'd had to wait unti cut-over time to disappoint myself. Is that a proper read on the command? Has anyone used this command and has that been their experience?



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Re: SRST mode auto-provision command

Hi Mike,

We used the command "srst mode auto-provision all" in the telephony service area. This downloads the phones that are in the device pool & SRST config on CUCM.

One thing we have noticed is that when the config is changed on CUCM, the ephone-dn is not deleted on the CME.

Let me know if you get a work around on this.


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Re: SRST mode auto-provision command


I used the "none" operand which allowed me to keep and use my original CCME config. This worked like a champ!

Sorry I can't comment on your scenario of using the "all" option.

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Hi mike,I know its  very old

Hi mike,

I know its  very old thread...

Just looking at this thread now, I have a similar issue , as I want to use my pre built DN and ephones under SRST Mode. Did you  eventually found a solution to this.


will be appreciated if any feedback you could be given

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