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Hi all, just wondering what everyone else is doing out there for SRST and 911? We have around 600 phones on CUCM 7.1.5 using 3 PRIs. All of the gateways are SRST capable and we're only using SRST in case of emergency for 911 outbound calling. Are there any alternatives to having an analog POTS line at every facility for 911 calling? We spend a lot of money on ATT POTS lines and they are only there for dialing 911, which is rarely used.

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SRST Solutions

Hi ..

I am not clear about the requirement. Can you please explain further.

SRST is used as backup solution in of CUCM failure (all cluster nodes) or WAN failure between remote office and CUCM. In this case you IP Phones can register with SRST and call dial any number POTS or VoIP based on the configured dial plan in SRST.

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SRST Solutions

We have SRST working at around 25 sites and only use it incase of a network failure between facilites. We only use this for dialing 911 if their is an emergency. I'm just wondering what others do for this connection back to the PSTN? Does everyone just pay for a full price business line or are there any 911 only POTS lines, cell phones, radio..etc

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SRST Solutions

If you need to preserve 911 dialing in case of WAN outage you need local trunks at the site, there is no other workaround, if you don't care about 911 dialing in case of SRST and you have service that can support e911 during normal operation and send the call out to local PSAP such as supported SIP trunk solution then you can eliminate the local POTS lines.



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