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SRST Translation Profiles

I am configuring SRST on a 3825 running 12.4(15)XZ1.

I am trying to configure translation profiles under the call-manager-fallback section but the translations do not seem to be coming into effect before dial-peers are matched. This happens with both incoming and outgoing calls.


voice translation-rule 2

rule 1 /^4\(...\)/ /902076914\1/

rule 2 /^5\(...\)/ /902076915\1/

rule 3 /^6\(...\)/ /902076916\1/

rule 4 /^1\(...\)/ /902085451\1/

rule 5 /^8\(...\)/ /902078618\1/


voice translation-profile SRST_Outbound

translate called 2


secondary-dialtone 9

max-conferences 12 gain -6

transfer-system full-consult

limit-dn 7911 2

limit-dn 7936 2

limit-dn 7941 2

timeouts interdigit 3

ip source-address port 2000 strict-match

max-ephones 350

max-dn 960 dual-line preference 6

system message primary CUCM Down, SRST is Active

dialplan-pattern 1 73.... extension-length 4

no huntstop

translation-profile outgoing SRST_Outbound

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy

I am not sure why the dial-peer matching occurs before the translation profile is applied. I am sure that I have used this type of configuration in the past.

The details of the SRST service are shown below:

show call-manager-fallback

CONFIG (Version=7.0(0))


Version 7.0(0)

For on-line documentation please see:

ip source-address port 2000 strict-match

max-ephones 350

max-dn 960 dual-line preference 6

max-conferences 12 gain -6

dspfarm units 0

dspfarm transcode sessions 0

no huntstop

no huntstop channel

dialplan-pattern 1 73.... extension-length 4

translation-profile outgoing SRST_Outbound

voicemail 902076916999

cnf-file location: system:

cnf-file option: PER-PHONE-TYPE

network-locale[0] US (This is the default network locale for this box)

network-locale[1] US

network-locale[2] US

network-locale[3] US

network-locale[4] US

user-locale[0] US (This is the default user locale for this box)

user-locale[1] US

user-locale[2] US

user-locale[3] US

user-locale[4] US

srst mode auto-provision is OFF

srst ephone template is 0

srst dn template is 0

srst dn line-mode single

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy

timezone 0 Greenwich Standard Time

secondary-dialtone 9

call-forward busy 902076916999

call-forward noan 902076916999 timeout 12

no transfer-pattern is configured, transfer is restricted to local SCCP phones only.

alias 1 3500 to 3502 preference 1

alias 2 3500 to 3503 preference 2

alias 3 3500 to 3504 preference 3

alias 4 3500 to 3581 preference 4

alias 5 3500 to 3511 preference 5

keepalive 30 auxiliary 30

timeout interdigit 3

timeout busy 10

timeout ringing 180

timeout transfer-recall 0

timeout ringin-callerid 8

timeout night-service-bell 12

caller-id name-only: enable

system message primary CUCM Down, SRST is Active

Limit number of DNs per phone:

12SP: 56

7902: 56

7905: 56

7906: 56

7910: 56

7911: 2

7912: 56

7920: 56

7921: 56

7931: 56

7935: 56

7936: 2

7937: 56

7940: 56

7941: 2

7941GE: 56

7942: 56

7945: 56

7960: 56

7961: 56

7961GE: 56

7962: 56

7965: 56

7970: 56

7971: 56

7975: 56

7985: 56

anl: 56

ata: 56

bri: 56

CIPC: 56

vgc-phone: 56

Log (table parameters):

max-size: 150

retain-timer: 15

transfer-system full-consult

transfer-digit-collect new-call

local directory service: enabled.

Extension-assigner tag-type ephone-tag.


Re: SRST Translation Profiles

From the config. you are trying to keep the ability to dial extension numbers to other sites when in SRST hence the translations? What are the Dial-Peers which the calls are matching? What digist do teh users enter, ar you show they are still not dialling 9, 0 as the pstn access code and hence dial out?

Re: SRST Translation Profiles

Thanks for the response. The transalated numbers should match the dial-peer below:


dial-peer voice 100 pots

translation-profile outgoing DDI_Outbound

destination-pattern 9T


port 0/0/0:15

However, debugging the dial-peer matching shows the system trying to match using the untranslated 4 digit number - e.g. 1313 - and failing to find a matching dial peer.


Re: SRST Translation Profiles

You shoud not need the translation on the Dial-Peer since you added it under the fallback

Re: SRST Translation Profiles


Sorry the dial peer config is what is actually running at the moment. The translation profile was applied under call-manager-fallback and not on the dial peer when I did my testing.

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Re: SRST Translation Profiles

Change the TP in fallback to:

translation-profile incoming SRST_Outbound


translation-profile outgoing SRST_Outbound


New Member

Re: SRST Translation Profiles

It is a different behavior when you apply the translation-profile under call-manager fallback. The incoming and outgoing commands are related to the IP phone. The incoming command changes the parameters of calls that come from the IP phone. The outgoing command changes the values of calls that go out of the router to the IP phone. So since you have configured incoming under SRSTmode it will be used for outbound calls.”