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SRST Translation Question


I am running a 10 digit dial plan in a CallManger 4.1 environment, but each site is only dials 4 digits internally. This is working just fine. The issue I have is when I drop into SRST mode; the phones register as full 10 digit numbers to the router and with no CCM translation rules, the internal 4 digit dialing goes away. I currently have voice translations expanding the number from 4 digits from the Telco to 10 digits and that is working just fine as well. I just am wondering if I can use those translations to allow internal 4 digit dialing or if there is any other way so this is as seamless to the user as possible.




Re: SRST Translation Question

check out the part that entails four digit dialing to head office.

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Re: SRST Translation Question

Under your call-manager fallback configuration, try using the DIALPLAN-PATTERN configuration. This should complete your solution.

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Re: SRST Translation Question

I am struggling with same issue with CME/SRST config as shown.



srst mode auto-provision none


I think Dialplan-pattern only works for DID calls ( I am not even sure about that as I have not tested that yet), but it definitely does not work for calls from ephones with CME/SRST. As no ephone/ephone-dn appears in running config there seems to be no way to use dialed number translation. I hope I am missing some thing as in pure SRST mode they used to have following config to achieve this:


translation-profile incoming DNIS

voice translation-profile DNIS

translate called 2

voice translation-rule 2

rule 1 /^8)/ /212888/

Any insight is appreciated.



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Re: SRST Translation Question

The dialplan-pattern is active all the time within a CME config or durring an SRST failover event. I thought this was the scenario you were having issues with. If you take CM out of the picture, everything for 4 --> 10 digit translations should work.

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