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SRST VG support

Can someone please confirm on whether VG224 is supported in SRST. The testing and information I have been given seems to indicate VG224 if I require them in SRST needs to be configured as SCCP protocol and only if a CME-SRST is deployed- is this correct as I have a doc which seems to state VG224 support in SRST only not CME-SRST.



Re: SRST VG support

This feature offers a limited telephony feature set during fallback mode. Customers who require the following features should continue to use Cisco Unified SRST, because these features are not supported with SRST fallback support using Cisco Unified CME.

•More than 240 phones during fallback service

•Cisco VG 248 Analog Phone Gateway support

•Secure voice fallback during SRST fallback service

•Simple, one-time configuration for SRST fallback service

Looks like it's not supported still there is info about VG248 not VG224.

Product data sheet for VG224 says only about SRST and nothing about CME-SRST mode.


Re: SRST VG support

Thanks for the reply but I`m trying to confirm how to add vg224 for srst- I`ve been told it can only be done via the CME-SRST option also I added the VG224 as MGCP and SCCP but could not get it to work. How do add VG224 for SRST- I know you add the sccp ccm group x- - you add the CCM and the SRST Ref IP Address - but it did not matter - Do I need anything else. I read somewhere that station-ID on the Voice-Port on the VG224 but this is only required on low IOS- Any ideas

The CME-SRST option is workng fine with VG224 but the issue is the number of device it can support since srst needed


Re: SRST VG support

As far as I can tell from my configs, you just add the SRST router as the final CCM station in the group configuration.

I am running SCCP on my VG224s. Can't tell you about MGCP or H323. Sorry.


Re: SRST VG support

can you share your config. of the vg224?


Re: SRST VG support

this should help:


stcapp ccm-group



sccp ccm identifier ccm1

sccp ccm identifier ccm2

sccp ccm identifier ccm3

sccp ccm identifier srst



sccp ccm group

associate ccm ccm1 priority 1

associate ccm ccm2 priority 2

associate ccm ccm3 priority 3

associate ccm srst priority 4


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