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standard phone in paralell of a fxo card


for security reason i need to have a 'normal' fxo phone in parallel of a fxo port on a 2911.

the idea is to be able to see incoming call even in case of 2911 failure.

the 2911 is working as stand alone and not managed by call manager.

it receive fxo call and forward it in sip to another system.


the problem is

when incoming call ocuured the fxo standard phone rings only once after that the cisco 'take ' the call, in fact hook off it even if the distant still hear a ring back tone.


so my security phone is not security anymore as it only ring once


is there a setting to avoid that


i found this parameter

ring number x

documents says x is the number of rings the cisco waits to answer the call. but does it mean that the cisco will not manage at all the call and send sip invite to the second system?




my voice port is defined as this


voice-port 0/0/0
 translation-profile incoming fxo-0-0-to-sip
 supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call
 non-linear threshold -30
 no vad
 cptone GB
 timeouts call-disconnect 5
 timeouts wait-release 5
 connection plar 984
 impedance complex2
 description *** FXO Port 0-0 ***
 caller-id enable






VIP Super Bronze

Add the 'opx' keyword to the

Add the 'opx' keyword to the end of your connection plar command.

connection plar 984 opx

Community Member

Jonathan so it means the hook

Jonathan so it means the hook off will only appears when my sip extension will answer the call?

i look at syntax is it not

connection plar opx 984

and not connection plar 984 opx?




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