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stange issue we are having

I have some ip phones that are registering and unregistering on a regular basis, considered a severe network degregation. Sometimes customer can make calls, sometimes they can. Sometimes they can answer an incoming call, sometimes they cant. Its pretty regular that the phones register and unregister, seen in the CM event viewer. We have found that it goes away when we disable the Cisco Video Advantage software on the pc connected to the phone, but comes back when we enable it again. Ive monitored the bandwidth and Im under 5% utilization. On top of that, I have 5 other sites configured the exact same way, with no issues. This site (problem site) has been up and running for about 6 months without issue, until here recently. Any ideas?

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Re: stange issue we are having

All, it was a firmware update the the customer did. I was not informed that this had taken place, and the Cisco Video Advantage software on the PCs didnt like the firmware load apparantly. When we put the older version of firmware back on the phones, issue went away.

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Re: stange issue we are having

Can you specify the versions ?

We have the issue that the VT Advantage Software cannot connect to the phone. We are using SCCP41.8-3-3S and SCCP41.8-3-3SR2S on 7941 phones.

Thanks Thomas

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