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Still fighting DST here..

Ok, this has been going on since the beginning of the year and its getting very frustrating. I've had a TAC case open this whole time doing whatever it is they want and nothing is helping.

We're currently in Central Time Zone, however, I have to keep our Date/Time Group in the CCM set at Mountain to get the right time to display on the phones. Even though the OS time on the CCM's is correct and set at Central.

So, I've upgraded my call managers to 4.1(3) OS 2000.4.4a, updated the phones loads to the latest SCCP 8.5, verified via SQL Analyzer that the zone is set properly. Still, no go.

I'm out of ideas... Anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Still fighting DST here..

Hi Scott,

This problem for 7940's and 7960's was discovered the Sunday after the DST Time change. Here is a good description of the fix from Mahesh@Cisco;

If the issue is only with 7940/60 phones, then we have seen a lot of similar cases today and are working to get a permanent fix to the issue. However as a workaround, you could resolve it by going into the Start >> Programs >> Microsoft SQL Server >> Enterprise Manager >> CCM database >> Table >> "TypeTimeZone" >> Right Click Open Table >> Return All Rows and manually set the "stddate" and "dstdate" to "0/11/0/1,2:0:0:0" and "0/3/0/2,2:0:0:0" respectively for each US timezone.

CM Service needs to be restarted.

From this long detailed thread;

The Windows 2000 Daylight Saving Time patch is installed if any of these versions of MCS OSs are installed.

2000.4.4a(sr3a) or higher

The patch win-OS-Upgrade-K9.2007-DST-Update.1-0-1.exe can be deployed on OS versions 2000.2.7 through 2000.4.4a. This patch will update the OS to contain the DST changes. However, only applying this patch instead of updating your OS with what is specified in the above table may leave you vulnerable to security issues and is not recommended, as you will not have all current security updates.

From this doc;

Field Notice: FN - 62669 - U.S. Daylight Savings Time Policy Changes Effective March 2007 - for Cisco CallManager

Hope this helps!


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Re: Still fighting DST here..

See, we've already made the SQL edit for "dstdate" to "0/11/0/1,2:0:0:0" and "0/3/0/2,2:0:0:0

And that's exactly what they say.. I thought that would have cured the issue, but all that setting does is change the date when DST changes right? I think our issue now is, the time zones aren't reflecting the correct offset from GMT.

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