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Strange CCM behaviour after installation

Hi Guys

I am having a very strange problem that I am hoping someone can help me with:

I have installed CCM 4.1(3) on a laptop. I have performed a non-mcs installation hundreds of times before without any issues. During this installation, there were no errors whatsoever. All the OS patches etc are on the correct version

For some reason, I cannot get into the CCMAdmin or CCMService properly. When I go into CCMService, the page starts to load (I see the "Serviceabiolity menu and options) but then goes no further - I cannot select my CallManager or activate the services

On other occasions (after reboots) I can sometimes select my CallManager, but when the Webpage refreshes, I effecitvely "lose" all my icons - the webpage is white with Red Crosses through the icons

In either scenario, the WebPage hangs and I need to End Task it. After this, NO application will work (i.e. iexplore.exe) as it gives me an error saying it could not be initialised. At this point the only option is to do a reboot of the laptop.

I have rebuilt the laptop a few times and started it again:

Have installed 4.1(2) then upgraded to 4.1(3)

Have installed OS patches and SR's

Have upgraded to 4.2(3)

I have the same problem every single time!

I've never seen this before - not even on other laptops, has anyone got any ideas?



Re: Strange CCM behaviour after installation

Not sure if this can help, but try upgrading your IE to IE 7.0. Seems to me like a browser problem. User RTMT to see if there is no Alerts and that all services are running.


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Re: Strange CCM behaviour after installation

Thanks - I've tried this and the problem is still there?

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Re: Strange CCM behaviour after installation

Does anyone have anything else I can try?


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